Logick Eve

Ticketing service and computerized public management

Logick Eve is a ticketing service and computerized public management, modular and easy to access, with unbeatable value for money.

From the smallest museum to the largest performance hall, this flexible and powerful system adapts to meet your needs.







Much more than a simple ticket sales tool (which it does very well), our system is the essential point of articulation between your external worlds  (spectators, visitors, partners) and internal ones (your structure, your staff, your choices, your activities).

It reveals the key data of your activity and is an essential tool for decision-making and development.




Key data

Continuous deployment

Logick Eve is under continuous development, with several updates per month. We are constantly integrating tailor-made developments to meet specific needs. 

Ongoing support

Because a tool is not a solution, we provide regular support on all subjects that affect not only the software, but its configuration, its integration into your activity, the management of your audiences, your marketing, and analysis of your data.

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